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My adventures as a crosser in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Enjoy!

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I found a very cute web [click] full of gorgeous dresses and very acurrate paths it’s in japanese, and i’m still bad at it so I only found this, but i’m sure there is a lot more owo

Links for people who don’t know japanese:

Clothing (scroll down to “>” for more)

Clothes about animes

Patterns for furniture

Clothing with matching designs 

Paths and step stones

(And a lot more, but this are the more interesting)

And I don’t know if anybody posted this in Tumblr already, I feel guilty ;^;

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I don’t have many pictures of Paola’s house updates yet. These aren’t even the final ones of her Beach “Summer Memories” Room. I’ll post more pictures soon.

This is an update of my Mayor’s house! I took these pictures within the past week. I really need to take more pictures though. I have yet to take a picture of the upstairs room, which is a New Year’s Eve theme. I have two Fall theme rooms and the other rooms are winter memory-themed. I’ll take more pictures and post them soon. Paola’s house is almost done, and Noelle’s needs more work as well, but hers is almost done.

Lacey: Winter
Paola: Summer
Noelle: Spring

I need the Yuletide log and the Turkey dinner DLC item! I would like three copies of each and will pay in Bells (up to 50k) and giggles!

I haven’t updated my town in the Dream Suite since I started the renovation. I’ll update it in a little bit when I get more houses and decor done, or when it’s all done.


Once again I add another town to my top!

This town was absolutely amazing, interior and exterior decoration wise; Had some rooms only dedicated to princesses!


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I’ll make sure to take pictures of my newly renovated rooms/houses in progress. I forgot to.

The rooms are looking very good:)

If you think a bodice design is the right height, make it lower. It may end up looking less colorful in the light of the Able Sister’s shop. 

If you’re making something with a lot of skin, use three colors. Of course, this depends on whether you want a lot of detail or not. I find that three days in not enough sun makes my Mayor’s skin color get lighter D:. 

If your character has darker skin, simply use some darker shades.




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Yes, most people there are usually nice, or at least don’t give you any trouble. But here’s few examples who I’ve met:


They are really harmless. They come and go as they are searching for rare island items. They rarely say anything at all, so if you’re wondering why everybody leaves

At present, I haven’t updated my town to its most recent state in the Dream Suite. I’m making my 3 houses into specific holiday themes. Lacey’s will be Fall/Winter. Paola’s will be Summer, and Noelle’s will be Spring.

At first I had no idea how I was going to decorate one of Lacey’s Fall rooms, but I listened to some music and I was struck with memories. Most of the rooms that are changed will be inspired by childhood memories. I have a lot of good ones, I just have to remember them!

Moe said he wanted to move out and I made the mistake of asking him to stay and now he’s staying for God knows how long. FUCK..

Yesterday while on the Island, my mayor met someone whose TPC said Mayor Emilio from Uvalde. Unfortunately, I lost my stylus and had to look for it for 20-30 minutes and had already given him my FC, but didn’t have the chance to get his before I lost my stylus. When I opened my 3DS again, the Internet connection had been severed. He was really cool, but I’m hoping he has a Tumblr or Instagram.

If you’re going to post something about wanting a villager to have a new home and someone ends up adopting them, don’t fucking delete the post or the messages sent to you asking about the villager in question. Just post something about the villager being adopted, and respond to all those that asked. Dammit.